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a systemic anomaly

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Thursday, August 10th, 2034
12:10 pm - You feel something, vaguely, in the mists of your semiconsciousness. A feeling of motion.
Clone Vat (Parallel Resurrection Clone Vault)
Respiration hoses and slimy umbilicals cling to your face and body, pulsing with each heartbeat and breath. You float in some sort of pink, translucent fluid, and bright light filters through the liquid womb from somewhere above.

The only exit from the vat is out.

You feel rested.

[-] Good morning, palmer.
[-] You have 5 new mail messages.
[-] Your complant's ID number is not publicly readable.
[-] There are new BBS posts in MetaNews, Meta, OOC, Chat,
[-] Anonymous, WantAds, News, and NCI News.

OOC: Because of the cloning process, your character remembers nothing that occurred before Thu Dec 19 11:54pm 2032.

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Friday, August 30th, 2030
10:14 pm - "It's going down tonight, you gunna be ready for it?" [nci news]
"...The end of the purple gas, quite possibly the end of Graye."

For months, a terrorist group called the Son's of Mercy had been plaguing New Carthage, releasing a deadly poisonous acidic radioactive poison gas.

It took a man known as Bungle, to discover that the Sons Of Mercy was actually a red herring, and that longtime New Carthage resident Graye was the real man behind the attacks.

Few are privy to the details of that night's events, though the citizens should be thankful to those brave enough to face the (quite likely) possibility of death, and still rise above it and persevere. Rinnan, Bungle, and Otto, among many others should be recognized for this.

New Carthage has lost, not only the lives spent battling aggressive drones, and those successfully shutting down the RSI reactor that was releasing the gas, but has come to the close of an era. Graye represented much in and to this city, both in his person and in his image.

But as he quoted his final night, "No one remains in the city, only the city remains."

Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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Thursday, August 29th, 2030
7:28 pm - The Revenants [nci news]
A tumbleweed rolls by on the quiet streets of New Carthage..until a new biker gang hits town, that is.

This group, calling themselves the Revenants, had a modicum of popularity some time back, when Preach led it. Since his departure, there has obviously been a changing of the guard, but the gang dropped off the New Carthage radar until now.

"The Revenants?" one cromag repeated when I asked if he'd heard of them. "Well, they're a biker gang. Been making some waves. Some known members, if you want to know of 'em. Don't really know their agenda, however."

Thier agenda? They started off just hunting Kings, I'm told, though few are left besides Ross, Lewski, and Lewis. With so little resistance, and no corporate security force to stop them, anything seems possible. But now they're getting power hungry and going after everyone.

"Showed up a few weeks ago, and went on a killing spree.. Been killing people ever since -- they pretty much go after anything that moves."

Will the Revenants make a powerplay for the west side of New Carthage? Will a new corporate security force come in to take care of business? In this city, no one can know for sure what will happen, but you can count on NCI to be the first to tell you about it.

Nicole Blackmann, NCI News.

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Monday, August 26th, 2030
12:24 am - NCSP vs NCPK, an interview. [nci news]
Many citizens refer to them as a glorified gang and Rent-a-cops, which amuses Chief Smitty of the NCPK. Smitty reassures the public that "we are a legitimate corporation. A very small corporation, but one nonetheless." With the recent strife between Parallel Resurrection and the NCSP, the new Security Corporation is voicing their concerns and trying to help the chaos.

Concerned, disappointed, and upset with the recent attacks upon corporate citizens by the NCSP, Chief Smitty is offering his services to all of New Carthage's citizens. He laughs at the mentioning of him as a 'goon.'

"I'm hardly a goon. I'm here to help the citizens...now some don't like us, because we attempt to keep peace in town, while others live on carnage and violence, but that's what we're here for, to get rid of those that like to do...more mischevious things."

When asked about his employees having external and conflicting jobs he assured us that none of his employees were doing anything illegal and if they were caught making any illegal transactions they would be "fired the moment I find it is true."

Some West side citizens still do not trust the 'Peacekeepers,' complaining that the NCPK is seen slaughtering poorly armed members of the community. One citizen stated that "Killing gangers with big guns just make them want bigger guns and it doesn't do a thing about the underlying problem."

Storeowners are also upset with the NCPK leaving corpses bleeding all over their storefronts. "They are ruining my business, clients are affraid to come by!" said a concerned storeowner.

But whose side is the NCPK on? Chief Smitty has friends on both sides of the conflict, and some of his employees have even been members of the SP. Can the public trust this new police force?

He (Chief Smitty) guarantees us that he is "neutral for the most part. I mean I personally have friends within the SP and PR...along with the other corporations, but business comes before that. Mainly we will uphold our purpose in life and attempt to keep the peace in these times of tension, but if need be, we will be siding with the corporations, despite my personal feelings.”

Chief Smitty also would like to add a request, "Well, upon the request of several concerned citizens, I'm asking the NCSP to remain on the east side of the Wall, for their safety and the safety of the citizens. Now, NCSP will have to come over to this side for emergencies and such...but with all of the violence that has been occuring as of late, it be in the best interests of everyone if they stayed over there. Also, if the corporations would like, we can begin patrolling the east side, and to protect the corporations, until this whole matter gets worked out."

Palmer Quinn, NCI News

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Sunday, August 25th, 2030
6:29 pm - NCPK, gift or burden? [nci news]
The recent uprising of a group called the NCPK, who when asked what thier purpose was answerd, "Pretty much protect the citizens from gangers and people trying to kill them". Among this band of men are Chief Smitty, once manager of SecuriTech apartments, Drake Riddek, ex-RSI, ex-NCSP and has been know to take contracts for killing, Lt. Achilles, well known DTV fighter, owner of the NewCarthege Resellers Guild. I asked Cheif Smitty if I could apply, he simply stated, "no, we're busy". Yet another question has risen, is the NCPK simply a group for men? I don't doubt thier sincerity of doing good in our city, but is thier presence likely to cause an uproar corpside? How does the NCSP feel about a force, much like thier own, protecting the usually forgotten west-siders?.

Contacting a member of the NCSP was difficult, so they were not availible for questioning. Just recently I had an incident with the NCPK, standing on my own in the street Cheif Smitty and Sgt. Drake asked if I was NCSP, I, of course am not, yet they felt the need to frisk me and attempt to steal something from my person. Once satisfyed at finding nothing beloning to the SP they smiled and went on thier way, which leaves me to the conclusion that the PK and SP may infact be slowly working thier way to a war.

Seth finally became availible, when asked, he said 'I’m neutral' Cheif Smiley seems to act otherwise.

Skylar Robins, special to NCI News.

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Saturday, August 24th, 2030
10:21 pm - Med Shield back for a piece of the Market. [nci news]
After almost a year’s leave of absence, Med Shield is once again open for business. Located on High Street just east of Blumenkraft on the 40th floor of the Nakamura building, they are offering their services to citizens on both sides of the wall. They provide a variety of services, such as cybernetic implant installation or removal, counseling, autopsy and emergency medical services.

Head of Public Relations, Ciara, guarantees that her company doesn't take sides. "We operate as a professional company and do not take sides with any corporation or group, we provide services to paying clients regardless of their political affiliation." Med Shield also provides temporary passes to the corporate sector for their clients or potential clients.

Now that Med Shield is done researching our city potential for profit, they are again looking for their share of the market. Now, all that is left is to see how this Corporation is going to affect the black market clinics and if there is going to be any retaliation.

Ciara also wanted to add that "if anyone needs our services, they may come to any doctor or employee with the Med Shield tag on their comsig. We strive to have the best customer service in the business."

Palmer Quinn, NCI News

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Friday, August 23rd, 2030
10:08 pm - NCI response to DTV objections over NCI post [395] [nci news]
This post is in response to DTV objections over NCI stories relation to the DeathMatch Television bouts.

NCI is surprised and somewhat amused that a primarily illegal, small upstart company would object to free press that is read by millions of subscribers.

While DTV may own exclusive broadcast rights to specific bouts in its arena, asking NCI to refrain from reporting on these bouts would be akin to asking your nightly news not to give you the play-by-play or scores for a sports game.

Secondly, the DTV corporation depends on sponsorship contracts and advertising by other companies and corporations for its funding. NCI is a multinational corporation, and could, quite frankly, easily crush DTV without losing any sleep over it.

If DTV is foolish enough to pursue litigation with NCI over the aforementioned post, they are more than welcome to, but are guaranteed, almost certainly, that they will be unsuccessful. To quote a classic science-fiction film: Come get some.

Palmer Quinn, Editrix in Chief, NCI News.

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Wednesday, August 21st, 2030
6:10 pm - Death from Above…again? [nci news]
Less than an hour ago, a stream of light came out of the sky, hitting the street in front of Ghini’s on Pullman. Few significant human casualties have been reported as of yet, but you never know where it might hit next.

The only response to this flash of light from the sky, what is being considered another IO laser strike, was Sheriff Smitty of New Carthage’s newly founded NCPK.

‘I had a friend check the IO node, and he told me the co-ordinates and it matched where I was...And I've only seen Helios shoot burning laser fire from the sky.’

The mess created by the blast was quickly cleaned up, and damage was limited to a few west-side vehicles and properties. No noteworthy human casualties have yet been reported. Said Smitty, ‘I waited a little to make sure everything was cooled down and proceeded to the scene, but thankfully no one was hurt. There was several car wrecks, but no casualties.’

InterOrbital Incorporated’s Helios solar-powered satellite (also an orbiting ion cannon) seems to be behind the strike. Was the responsible party simply a joyriding decker who didn’t know when to stop, or someone else - someone with a purpose?

Other than Sheriff Smitty, the only citizens of note (and hardly, at that) were a few Jerks populating the streets. Was the strike directed at Smitty himself? For the cannon to be fired with any accuracy, two competent deckers are needed – one to set the coordinates, and one to lock on and fire the laser. If the culprit was acting alone, it’s entirely possible that the blast would ‘miss its mark.’

But why would someone be out for NCPK blood? Only time will tell. And leave it to NCI to be the first with the details.

Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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10:55 am - NeoTokyo PeaceKeeping (NCPK Branch) is now open. [nci news]
The New Carthage PeaceKeeper, a branch of NeoTokyo PeaceKeepers and a subsid of BMC Corporation is now established in the city. At this time, we at NCPK would like to thank the citizens of this city for the help that they have already provided.

"By the citizens, for the citizens." That's our motto here a PeaceKeepers. Using new technologies, we are bringing the best care we can provide into town to better serve -you-, the Citizen. If for any reason at all, that you need the assistance of one of our officers, wheither it be you're getting mugged by a group of Anarchists, to needing help cross the street; We encourage you to imediately contact Sheriff Smitty and/or one of his Deputies to assist you.

Here at NCPK, we don't believe in death and killing. It is this, we believe, that keeps our public relations in such good standing with the community.

Even though NCPK is a branch of a Corporation, we aren't funded as such. In order to get paid, we here at NCPK ask all citizens to donate creds weekly to help support us to provide the best possible service we can. Now, whatever you can afford weekly, wheither it is 1k or 25k it is all greatly appreciated.

New Carthage PeaceKeepers

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Friday, August 16th, 2030
10:32 pm - TerrorCorp offers new security for New Carthage [nci news]
Among a recent wave of security services in New Carthage is the TerrorCorp, led by Maj. Gyle. Noticing a need in New Carthage, Maj. Gyle took it upon himself to organize the group.

A variety of services are offered, including bodyguarding, services in which a trained soldier is needed, ‘from sec team to rescue team black ops..anything just about...’ The cost of these services vary depending on what is needed and who is involved.

Possible competition for the TerrorCorp comes from the recent addition to New Carthage -- Parallel Ressurection, offering similar services, in addition to others. ‘I'm not worried [about competition],’ Maj. Gyle told me. ‘I have faith in my team.’

So there you have it, folks. TerrorCorp, trained professionals able to handle jobs in a professional manner.

Malachai Darling, NCI News.

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Monday, August 5th, 2030
9:55 pm - DeathTV Returns to the ring for another round. [nci news feature]
"Lets break some bones!" Exclaimed one anxious contestant, who soon found herself unconscious at the hands of a superior compeditor. The fights had become few and far between, but with the new blood flow in the city (both literally and figuratively speaking,) could DTV be on the verge of a major comeback?

Stepping into the ring, citizen Kurohyou taps his neck, and came into a Kung Fu stance as Tarchanna spun her Lykos Sidearm up along her forearm and prepared to beat the snot out of Kurohyou. It was to be an interesting match, but not a very long one.

In Japanese, Kentaro exclaimed, "BLOOD! GUTS!"as he quickly crouched and lashed out with a sweeping low roundhouse kick that sent Tarchanna crashing backward to the ground. Kurohyou leapt quickly to his feet from his crouch.

Tarchanna, unable to make a strike of her own, Kurohyou ducked under Tarchanna's Lykos Sidearm thrust, commenting that it "could still go either way."

Fans shouted to "go for the groin," and cheered on the dueling duo from the Bleachers of Doom as they munched on food from Alice's Restaurant.

Kurohyou leapt into the air with a flying kick, but Tarchanna quickly stepped to the side, avoiding a painful blow. The crowd whistled and cheered at the underdog. First thought to be an easy win, Tarchanna now found her zone, and avoided Kurohyou's painful blows, bobbing from side to side.

Impressive footwork, I must say, and by both contestants. Tarchanna managed to avoid a masterful blow or three, cursing vehemently under her breath. Tarchanna dodged to one side as Kurohyou's knifehand strike sailed harmlessly by her head -- and Kurohyou was barely able to fend off her Lykos Sidearm thrust.

Shortly thereafter, however, Kurohyou lashed out with a leaping crescent kick, hooking his leg around the back of Tarchanna's head and doubling Tarchanna over as he landed gracefully on one foot. Hooking his hands underneath Tarchanna's arms, Kurohyou leapt into the air with Tarchanna and leaned backward, his weight supported entirely by Tarchanna, and used Tarchanna's face to absorb the impact as they both came crashing to the ground.

Thus ended the first of their matches. Kurohyou is currently ranked number three among the DTV contestants, with only Doyle and Achilles ranking above him. When asked to comment on his recent bouts, said "She's [Tarchanna] a very good fighter, and we're quite evenly matched... our sparring records with each other are about equal, but when it counts, I seem to come out on top." He chuckled. "Take that as you will."

And when asked if he though he could ever rank at the top, he replied, "My one loss came from Achilles, so I doubt I can fight him and expect to win.. Doyle, however, seems to have been absent for quite some time. As long as there are people willing to step into the ring, however, there is the possiblity of advancement."

Any takers?

Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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Saturday, February 10th, 2029
8:28 pm - Deathguild Takes on Local Bully [nci news]
NCI News Desk at Wed Feb 10  8:28pm 2029

I awoke late last night to an image flashing through my mind.  A Dragon AT-5 missile erupted from a Sanguinius held by Faust, careened off the RSI Mobile Gun Platform's side, and exploded in a shower of sparks.  It took me a moment to realize it was live videofeed.  It looks as though a few choice people have finally taken it upon themselves to face the platform.
In their second attempt to thwart the beast yesterday night, Deathguild suffered heavy casualties.  The Raging Mammoth Semi, damaged almost beyond repair, left them to fight with only hand-held weapons.  Storm took a couple of heavy hits, and took one hell of a chunk out of the platform before being virtually vaporized by the 7.62mm chaingun.  Graye was also lost, bleeding to death before Faust could get him out of the fray.  Simon and Faust themselves barely escaped with their lives.
What sheer gall.  I don’t think I’ve ever before seen a group with such balls as to take on such a formidable opponent when so vastly outgunned.  Theyve decided to engage in foot battle, armed only with hand-held rocket launchers, grenades, and small arms.  InterOrbitals AV-22 was also involved in the confrontation, though was taken out of commission shortly before the Guild arrived on the scene.
It seems that the only vehicle left in New Carthage in any condition to fight is the NCSP Hummer, which has been suspiciously absent thus far.  It seems that tonight’s outlashing began when Alex Guant of the NCSP took it upon himself to start kicking the platform.  Mr. Guant claims that he and a man named Joseph tried to take on the platform, but were killed in the process. "Yeah," Mr. Guant told me, chuckling.  "I found an -m I sent myself.   Says the platform doesnt like that I called its mother a toaster."
Officer Dalton, the last NCSP officer seen with the Hummer, feels no guilt, and claims his absence is not his fault.  "I couldn't do shit," he told me, "since a psychotic terrorist  stole the hummers weapon system."  Unarmed, the Hummer was easily driven off by the mini-gun fire.
When contacted for comments on last nights events, Faust informed me, "For the second day in a row we have engaged the enemy, our former ally, RSI in battle.  Our losses have been heavy, but we will continue our assault until either us, or it is dead.  We're not doing this because we want to help the citizens of NC, nor to be heroes...this is the truest test of our skills we have seen yet."
Has a worthy adversary finally come forward?  Will the Guild be the ones to save New Carthage from this monster run amok?  One can only hope.  NCI will be on the scene, and you can count on us to report on any changes in the situation.
Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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Friday, February 9th, 2029
3:29 am - Words of Warning for New Carthage [nci news]
I awoke early Thursday evening to frantic comms from a strange masked man. When I arrived on the roof of the Shangri-La apartments, even I was not prepared for what I saw. A man dressed up in early 20th-century clothes and a masquerade mask was brandishing a Sig and threatening to jump off of the roof. While suicides are not rare in a city like New Carthage, a recent increase, along with the message the suicides left us with, have come to puzzle local authorities.

Last night's jumper was a Russian man by the name of Konzietko, fairly well-known by the populace of NC. Wild-eyed and brandishing a sig and a viper, he demanded tape of his final words to be broadcast on NCI channels. Between outbursts of tears and semi-delusional accusations, his message was clear: "You're going to get eaten alive by the KiNGS and the NCSP - and they're working together, god damnit!"

He claimed that there were witnesses, but none would come forward for fear of retaliation. In a city where the corporations are in charge, and enforcers like the NCSP prowl the streets, retaliation is a real possibility. But are the allegations true? If so, the officers Konzietko named could face termination of their contracts with the force.

"But I am already lost," he wailed, calling for the reform of the NCSP and eradication of westside gang the Kings. His story told, thinking himself a lost cause, Konzietko jumped five stories to the busy street below. Soon after, NCSP officer DeCon arrived on the scene to confirm the death, and left with the corpse's head "...for paperwork."

Whether his reasons were paperwork-related or not, the permadeath of Konzietko has not been the only suicide in recent days. Early this morning, Lieb, fairly new to the city, repeated the same accusations of corruption and coercement before he, too, committed suicide with a pistol.

What's the cause of the recent rash of suicides? Are the accusations about NCSP and the Kings true? I can't tell you myself, but count on NCI to bring you the story first.

Malachai Darling, NCI News.

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1:20 am - konz's last stand. [nci news feature]
Konz's Last Stand
by Malachai Darling, NCI News


        Malachai woke early in the evening to frantic comms from a man whose voice she didn't recognize.  Little did she know what would become of her answer to his plea.

        “You're that reporter chick, right?” The man's words came across her comm harshly, and she could tell he was out of breath.  “Well, I got news for you.”  She could hear him running along the streets.  “The roof of the Shangri-La apartments.  Now.  And bring a fucking camera.”

Read more...Collapse )

When Mala finally made her way back down to the busy city streets below, a small crowd had already gathered around the body.Collapse )

        A short time later, she received another comm from her new employer.Collapse )

        “Late last night in New Carthage’s upper east side, a masked man had words of warning for his brothers and sisters in New Carthage before his gruesome and untimely death...”

current mood: anxious

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Thursday, February 8th, 2029
9:21 pm - RSI -- The Platform that Doesn't Play Well with Others [nci news]
NCI News Desk at Mon Feb  8  9:21pm 2029
Around three this afternoon, the now infamous RSI platform rumbled to a halt in front of the Syndrome and once again opened fire.  This terror to our city’s streets has thus far run amok, regardless of promises made by several local "protection" agencies.
The RSI gun platform made by Rising Storm Industries about 10 years ago was produced to combat urban threats of terrorism.  But since its retirement two years ago, and replaced by a smaller CombatDrone II.  Its rugged design can adapt to many urban and non-urban assault modes. With it's large 250mm cannons it can destroy large vehicles from more than two kilometers away with unparalleled accuracy. Smaller cannons are made to deal with smaller, human targets, rendering them incapacitated in a matter of seconds.
One terrified onlooker told me, "It attacks the Syn, people flee, a few cro-mags get killed.. Mick was screaming for help.  Dalton pulled up in the NCSP Hummer.  The cro-mags and Mick were _begging_ him to help, but he ignored them.  He walked in the Syn, saw the walls cracking, and gunned it out of there."  She shorted indignantly.  "Some security force.  They face any real sort of danger, and they’re running scared."
"Goddamn fucking yellow coward NCSP running the second they're in fucking danger," Mick snarled over the comms.  The only person more spineless then the NCSP, he told me, was Storm, who joined the platform in killing customers.  Storm evidently lured Mick out of the Syn, where he was killed by the platform.  Everyone’s favorite bartender..I only hope he has a clone.
Kris, another of the countless victims in this latest horror could only sob about Storm killing her sister, and recount trying unsuccessfully to chase down Dalton in the Hummer, while he ignored her pleas for help. With the citizens of New Carthage being killed off, what are citizens to do to feel safe on the streets?  I only hope that someone, some organization, has the balls to get themselves together, organize the people, and get this danger off the streets.
Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2029
12:02 am - IO Press Release [nci news]
NCI News Desk at Sun Feb  7  0:02am 2029
In a public press release this afternoon, InterOrbital Incorporated proudly announced a new infonet service to matrix users throughout the Gravity Well.  Timeshare storage in several IO orbital data-havens is now available, with secure downlink/uplink and anonymous access at InterOrbital access nodes in several major metropolitan areas including NeoChicago and New Carthage.
Service would include unlimited storage, upload, and download access, with nominal registration and downlink fees.  Users will be able to choose from access to the Crystal Palace Low Earth Orbit (LEO) facility and the Sanguinius Orbital Assembly facility (SkyVault). For virtually impenetrable security, timesharing of the IO Corporate Core Memory Cache is available on InterOrbital's L4 Orbital Habitat.
IO is offering competitive daily storage rates and the unique security of offworld data storage.  When asked to comment on this recent action, IO executive Edward Kaplan replied, "We are a company committed to the civilized growth and expansion of humanity, and with this new service, we are proud to provide enabling technologies to an information-hungry world."
Why the sudden generousity?  IO is hurting after the recent Simulant scandals -  they've lost considerable stockholder confidence, not to mention huge monetary losses from equipment destruction during the riots in NeoChicago and Kiev.  IO has been jealously protective of their off world cores - until now.  It's likely that this is an attempt to recoup some losses.  Count on NCI to keep you informed of any leads that come up.
Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2029
12:23 am - RSI Platform Leaves NC Citizens Worried. [nci news]
NCI News Desk at Sun Jan 31 12:23am 2029

Dormant for years, the RSI gun platform thats now terrorizing downtown New Carthage had been out in the wastes corroding away its titanium and composite shell - but this erosion has little or no effect on its destructive capabilities.

Dormant for years, the RSI gun platform thats now terrorizing downtown New Carthage had been out in the wastes corroding away its titanium and composite shell - but this erosion has little or no effect on its destructive capabilities. But who (or what) has made the beast awaken from it's slumber? How are we going to stop it? The answers to the questions voiced by the masses may lie in New Carthages past.

The platform is a product of RSI, an organization that "tends to forcibly take over territories and other companies wherever possible, and tends to exploit territories and populations ruthlessly for resources. It is completely and utterly authoritarian... has visibly used it's power to gain advantage where ever possible, and tends to ignore laws and conventions at all turns, often blatantly." The platforms were designed to wander the back country of the southwestern US and root out rebel encampments autonomously. "Its meant to be big, mean, nasty, and on its own for long periods of time."

Who's behind it all? Sources from RSI have remained silent on this topic, though volunteer that platforms similar to these were run by spohisticated AIs from RSIs small, but extremely advanced AI wing. An AI wing that has been known to use dummy organizations to try and dodge Turing. But if RSI truly isnt behind it, then who is?

The AIs that ran the platforms were controlled over the net. Could a decker have hacked the controls? Thus far, theres no proof of that. Could a rogue AI have taken over to satisfy a need for...revenge? While these questions remain unanswered, count on NCI News to keep you informed on any developments.

Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2029
11:43 pm - Free clinics to open in western and eastern New Carthage. [nci news]
NCI News Desk at Sun Jan 24 11:43pm 2029

I recently had the opportunity to interview Sweet Charity, the Director of the Med Shield Hospital in the NNC Tower. There is an operating room, emergency room and soon to be research & development section. At this time the hospital/clinic is capable of performing numerous surgeries, including plastic surgery, and also has a cyber-OR. She hopes to introduce a free clinic into old city in the near future.

While the Research and Development facility is still under construction, the rest of the clinic is about to be opened for business. Director Sweet Charity hopes to keep most of the facility a free clinic, "for any one who needs help. Just as the clinic I am planning to open for children and elderly, mainly, on the other side of the wall. For free immunizations and normal health care." The majority of the funding for this project comes from Med Shield and Nakamura, but also from Sweets own pocket, and a few other anonymous donors.

In the operating room, Sweet Charity told me, "Here we are able to do those surgeries needed -- Whether removing or placing of implants of the highest quality, to major surgery and even plastic surgery or reconstructive." These surgeries, however, cannot be done free of charge. "The Med Shield will allow me some philanthropy, but there is a limit to their generosity. Plus, it would not be fair to other cyber-docs to us to do so.

"I am not out to take business from others, but i am out to make the best possible implants and medical care possible available to the people of NC." The prices of procedures and implants would be comparable to those you could get from Dr. Octagon and Benways. Sweet doubted that she could undercut other available prices, but guarantees her implants are "free from defect as far as we can humanly determine. We do not wish to give bad implants, we want our clients to return as necessary. There are bad implants out there."

When construction is finished on the Research and Development wing, Sweet informed me of a few of the planned projects, which included developing new forms of implants. "I want this to be a success," she said in conclusion. "For the people of NC. It will be such a benefit to them."

Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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8:20 pm - Recent Rash of Murder-robberies in Shangri-La leave citizens concerned. [nci news]
NCI News Desk at Sun Jan 24 8:20pm 2029

In light of a number of burglaries and murders in the Shangri-La apartment complex recently, its tenants are rightly concerned about the safety of their flats. Niamh ae Vyes apartment was robbed, and her unfortunate houseguest woke up in the Clone Arrangers. Officer Lyle of the former NCPD was asked to look into the situation, but with the dissolution of the NCPD, he left the case without any conclusive findings.

The flat of Acidic was also burglurized, and he was killed. In an interview with his clone, he told me, "I was killed in it I believe. I guess someone was lurking in the shadows and attacked me with I opened the door, or he/she was broke in and was waiting for me there. [didnt lose] much. A blood implant, a few boxes of ammo. couch, and few small firearms. The only thing I going to miss the most of all that stuff I lost was a deck bag that my son Matt Brown used to use. . ."

Rumour, the supposed owner of the building, was unable to be reached for comment.

Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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Thursday, January 18th, 2029
4:48 pm - Church of Infinite Light opens its doors and arms to the citizens of New Carthage.
NCI News Desk at Mon Jan 18 4:48pm 2029

The Church of Infinite Light, located on the west side of Hitachi just north of the Midtown intersection...through the old empty lot. According to its proprietor, Gyle, this is not a new religion, no gods are worshipped, no tithes collected and no living sacrifices of any sort. "This new church is here to provide aid to those interested in it, within reason of course, those who seek help must be willing to listen and learn. The main idea is bettering oneself through the church and becoming more in touch with yourself as well as stronger..."

When I asked how I should address him, he chuckled and replied, "Well, I'm what would probably be called the Minister of the church, though I'm more like a teacher or guide. Name's Gyle...nothing special." He explained that the church is here to help those with a genuine interest in bettering themselves and becoming more united with their mind, body and spirit. Anyone in need of help can feel free to call on him. What this church provides is a bit non-traditional. Their main service is to "try and aid the individual to find out who they really are deep inside, bring out who they really are inside. That's the main service we offer, guidance in finding who you are, though as a minister I could perform a [more conventional services like] marriage...though it's hardly common practice."

Palmer Quinn, NCI News.

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